Podcast by Night


Podcast By Night Ep. 11 Clan Gangrel

August 20, 2018


*disclaimer: due to three recording setups, I want to apologize if the audio is a little off. We are working on making our audio the best it can be thank you.

Misfits, wanderers, storytellers, survivalists, the Kindred of Clan Gangrel are little understood by the rest of the Camarilla and in fairness, they prefer it that way. Wild, unpredictable, and far more in tune to their bestial nature, the Gangrel haunt the outer edges of civilization, flirting with the wildness...

Clanbook Gangrel 1st

Clanbook Gangrel Revised

Wolves of the Sea

Dark Ages: Players Guide to the Low Clans

Lore of the Clans

Opening music is "Night of the Krampus" by Midnight Syndicate. All rights reserved. Used with permission.  For more gothic horror instrumental music for RPGs and beyond visit: www.MidnightSyndicate.com.

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